Multi Iridescent Phone Case

Multi Iridescent Phone Case

  • $ 11.99
  • Save $ 10

If you're looking for a phone case that is super cute, but also durable & protective, then our new 3-in-1 cases are perfect! 

They're made of 3 layers. An inside layer of flexible TPU Silicone, a hard PC back cover, and hard PC front bumpers work to protect your phone from drops, scratches, and other accidental damage. There is also a 1.5 mm raised lip around the front to help protect the screen, and a 3mm raised lip around the camera. 

These cases are Excellent quality and are not soft, flexible cases (other than the inner TPU layer) The hard PC Plastic is very durable and sturdy, and offers great protection 

Product Details: 

  • 3 Layers of Protection (Inner TPU Silicone, back PC cover, & Front PC Bumper)
  • Excellent quality, very durable and sturdy protection
  • 1.5 mm raised lip around the front to help protect the screen
  • 3 mm raised lip around the camera.

Please note: 

These cases do NOT cover the screen on your phone! They cover the back, sides, and front of the phone surrounding the screen (SEE IMAGES), but NOT the actual screen itself. We always recommend also using a tempered glass screen protector or other screen protector. A screen protector is not included!!!